“I Never Got to-I am so Bad”

I have never been selected to be first violin. I always get assigned to be third violin, the VIOLA part. I do not even get to represent my own instrument, I must be a bad player. What is wrong? Why does my director never give me the chance or opportunity to even try to be first?

This situation happened yesterday. We got assigned new parts in our violin group, and yet again, I was third. In my 4 years of being in this group, I have been third violin every year. Every part, every year: third violin. How would it feel if you have been in a group for so long to be in third violin, to not grow and advance?

Ask me. I have thousands of more questions of why I do not get the recognition or opportunity, but I realized something. Just because you are third violin, are below everyone else, are not in that highest rank, you are bad. And no, I am not going to write a dreamy article on the fact that everyone is good at what they do even if they are in the lowest rank at their hobby, because sometimes, they are the worst. There is a difference between being the lowest out of an advanced group and an incompetent group.

Considering my violin group is one of the best in the school and state, I did not look at the big picture: this is an advanced group; I am disappointed in myself for no reason, but I should instead be proud to even be let in the group. The admission and acceptance is what is important. Someone has to be third violin, someone has to be in the lowest to support everyone up high. And you may ask, do I want to be third? Do I want to be low? Do I want that opportunity to be high? Of course. Who doesn’t? As long as you try hard enough at what you do and keep up with the pace of your surroundings, you will excel no matter what position you are because you are working and practicing at that hobby. Even if you are assigned to do a task that requires skills lower than your capability, that constant work ethic will grow. Unlike sitting on your phone and watching Netflix, you doing anything will be beneficial compared to sitting and doing nothing.

If you need that confirmation or feeling that you have accomplished something, travel outside of your city. You will see how you will be “better” than those in another group, city, or town.

Just because you may not be in the highest position for a job or group, that does not mean you yourself are bad. Think about this group and where it stands in society. Be proud of the culture you are in, unless you do not enjoy it, then I suggest you to find a community that you truly enjoy and stick to them.

Bottom line is, do not be pressured and disappointed that you are in the lowest position. The fact that you even got the position and opportunity to get THAT is significant. Someone else out there probably will never get to know what it is like to be in your position or even part of a community. Every role matters and counts, and accept that you were included in any position.

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